About Adrian

Adrian is a fascinating and uber-good natured freshman at Berklee College of Music in Boston. He can’t recall a time when he didn’t love music. He has perfect pitch, plays piano by ear, reads and writes music. He’s a calendar counting savant and plays on his school’s tennis team. His first recognizable music performance was heard when he was 3. He found some sticks on the ground at Roger Williams Zoo and played ‘Jingle Bells’ on the Hasbro playground xylophone. He quickly became a Beatles fan and 4 years later, learned to play the piano. He quickly memorized pieces and began imitating video game music. He learned to play many well known songs by reading the sheet music, until he realized he no longer needed the sheet music. Adrian also likes to bang out songs on the glockenspiel and sometimes dabbles in the drums.

On a weekly basis in elementary school, he would play his own souped-up version of the school song (The Wallaby Song) on a keyboard in the principal’s office to be heard over the PA system. He was first given the beginner sheet music, but quickly discarded that after making his own improvements. He changed the song slightly from one week to the next, sometimes even to bring in elements of High School Musical. In middle school, he wowed some big audiences at the talent shows by playing The Beatles, Elton John, Green Day, and Kansas. It was his Elton John performance where he made his singing debut. Since the end of 2013, Adrian has been writing and singing his own melodic, piano-driven, hook-laden songs.

Adrian enjoys a wide range of music. He plays selections from Tchaikovsky to Led Zeppelin to Styx to Oasis to the Gilligan’s Island theme song to music from Mario Bros. He loves to perform in public and is immune to nerves. Adrian played in the finals of New England’s Got Talent in ’13, ’14, and ’15, and also performed in the Christmas Spectacular at the Stadium Theatre in Woonsocket in December ’13. His EP of covers, originals, and one instrumental was released on June 15, 2014 and earned him 3 ballots on the ’15 Grammy Awards. His EP, I Gotta Rock, is a shout-out  to It’s The Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown. That was a phrase that always guaranteed a hearty laugh from him when he was very young. Adrian released There is no Tomorrow, his first full-length CD of all originals on June 1, 2015. All tracks were recorded at AlexK Studio in Providence. In the summer of ’15, Adrian played a few Beatles songs on piano in the actual living room of Paul McCartney’s boyhood home in Liverpool.

Adrian released Sticks and Stones on June 24, 2016. During that summer, he completed his 4th successive piano summer program at Berklee. His 3rd CD, This is School, dropped on March 3, 2017. His 4th CD will be a change of pace as he will have guest vocalists sing lead. The album is 3/4 finished, but is on hold at the moment while Adrian concentrates on his classes.


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