About Adrian

Adrian is a fascinating and friend-to-all freshman at Berklee College of Music in Boston. He’s loved music practically since the day he was born. He has perfect pitch, plays piano by ear, reads and writes music, and writes lots of original music. He’s a calendar counting savant with a heart of gold. His musical ability was discovered when, at 3 years old, he found some sticks on the ground at Roger Williams Zoo and played ‘Jingle Bells’ perfectly on the outdoor Hasbro playground xylophone.

He enjoys a wide range of music. He’ll play some Tchaikovsky one minute and Led Zeppelin the next. Or, he’ll play a bunch of Styx, followed by some prog rock by Marillion. To keep it fun, he might bang out some Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go followed by the Gilligan’s Island theme.

Adrian played in the finals of New England’s Got Talent in ’13, ’14, and ’15. His EP, I Gotta Rock, which consisted of covers, originals, and one instrumental, was released in 2014 and earned him 3 ballots on the ’15 Grammy Awards. In the summer of ’15, Adrian played a few Beatles songs on piano in the actual living room of Paul McCartney’s boyhood home in Liverpool.

He released There is no Tomorrow, his first full-length CD of all piano-rock originals in 2015. A year later, he dropped the album, Sticks and Stones, and then in 2017, he released This is School.

His 4th CD will be a change of pace as he will have guest vocalist, Josh Witt, sing lead. Josh’s smooth, spirit-lifting vocals and confidence enable him to easily convey any emotion of his choosing, whether it’s tender and heartfelt to raging passion. His lead singing melds very nicely with Adrian’s energetic, entrancing, and endearing earworms. Their music is tailor-made for singing along.

The next album is 3/4 finished, but song-writing activities have slowed for the moment while Adrian concentrates on his classes. All tracks on all albums were recorded at AlexK Studio in Providence.

He also loves playing ping pong and tennis.


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